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“Thank you for calling Sherman Brothers Trucking, how may I help you?”

asks the Recruiter on the other end of the phone. This may be the first thing, we as Recruiters, ask a Driver looking for a job.  Recruiting, or Driver Services as we like to call ourselves, serves a very important and volatile role within our company.  Our role and responsibilities can be stressful at times but more so, very rewarding.

I asked each individual, within the Recruiting Department, why they like their position.  I will say, I was very impressed with the feedback I received.  

 Heather, who joined the team in March 2015, specializes in the recruitment of our Driver hiring mostly for Team Transport East.  “It’s rewarding to match Drivers with a driving position that suits them, according to their skill and what is important for their lifestyle.  When Drivers are happy, they are more appreciative.  I like the times I get a phone call from a Driver I’ve hired, and they tell me they like their job. I’ve got phone calls from Drivers I’ve hired, and they tell me they appreciate me.  This is a good feeling.  And this tells me I’m doing a good job!”

 As for myself, I began my journey with SBI in September 2012.  I first began as our Background Investigator.  After nearly a year and a half, I built my knowledge and confidence in the Trucking Industry, and soon became a Driver Services Representative AKA Recruiter.  Before long, I would become the Director of Driver Services.  If you were to ask me what I like most about my job?  Well, first of all, this isn’t just a job to me, this is my career.  I have a passion for people, and a passion for helping people.  That’s what I’m here to do.  I appreciate the fact that every day is different and not always redundant.  And I also love that I learn something new every day!

Drivers are important, and without our Drivers, Driver Services wouldn’t be an asset or successful.  Retention starts with the very first call the Driver Services Representative gets from a Driver or makes to a Driver, but it's everybody's responsibility, right down to the Operator who answers the telephone. Every conversation can make a difference.  When Drivers call you with a question, it's one more opportunity for you to shine, for you to be better than the last place they worked.  It’s important to have integrity and respect for the Drivers inquiring about a potential job opportunity.  Most Drivers have the preconceived notion that all Recruiters lie.  Well let me tell you right now, we are not wired that way.  Respect and honesty starts with Recruiters being honest about what to expect.  If Recruiters are honest from the get-go, Drivers tend to stay.

 I cannot stress more on the importance of communication - not only the what, but also the how. Communication is especially important during the first one to three months of a new hire.  We make it a point to talk to each new recruit during orientation and immediately following into on the road training. We want to make sure they haven't had any problems, and also make sure they are happy with the training they are receiving.  The communication doesn’t stop there.  We call Drivers on their birthday, work anniversary, holidays, or just to say hi and see how things are going in their lives.  This is the time to catch up and let them know how much they're wanted and we're glad that they're with us.  If a Driver has work related issues/problems, it's not always going to be something we can take care of or fix, but we make sure they get to the right person taken care of one way or the other. 

Recently I was chatting with one of our Glass/Linehaul Drivers, Matt.  I had not seen Matt in a few months, and asked him how life was going, personal and work.  He shared with me an update and also continued to tell me how happy he was in his career and elaborated how much he loves his job.  Wow, first thing I think is “Awesome!”  He proceeds to tell me he has “never been a company man” but we have proven to be a company that cares about our drivers.  It’s sad to say, but we have heard time and time again, the bad experiences Drivers have had with prior companies.  I’ve called Drivers on their birthday or work anniversary, and it surprises me sometimes the reaction I receive.  “Why the call? Am I in trouble?” a Driver will ask.  I will also get, “I really appreciate your call” or “Thank you for thinking of me” or even “I’ve never worked for a company that calls me on my birthday or holidays”.  Drivers are people too, not just a name or a number, or a seat warmer for that matter.

Another way we keep Driver engagement, is encouraging them to be involved through our Social Media networks.  Facebook followers have increased 2,200 since January 2015, giving us a total of 4,575 Facebook followers year to date.  Twitter went from 71 followers as of January 2015, to 225 followers as of March 2016.  Instagram account created in September 2014, and as of March 2016 we have 93 followers.  YouTube was also created in September 2014, and we currently have 16 subscribers. 

At the end of the day, our goals as the Department of Drivers Services, is to seek and hire quality, professional, and safety oriented Drivers to join our Sherman Bros Family.  We strive to keep communication and safety a priority and to promote our brand, which is keeping our company family orientated.  We are a team, we are a family.  We are Sherman Brothers.  Together we will succeed. 


Jaclyn Lumpkin

Director of Driver Services